Object State Updates

Ignore if you don’t have a basic knowledge in code.

Not much done graphically on RuneTale the past few days. Mostly behind the scenes code changes and additions. Also, found a pretty cool way to save object states.

I have a SaveGame() event that fires whenever the game is saved. In each object you can interact with that is able to be saved, I have an object identifier and a key. When the delegate fires, all the objects save their own states. Objects individually load their states from the save upon game re-launch.

Besides that, I’ve also discovered a pretty cool method to encrypt save data. I’m expecting data miners to crack into the game upon release, so I’m leaving easter eggs and secrets everywhere.

Speaking of, RuneTale will have a hybrid save system. Some parts saved in a file like Undertale for the sake of being like Undertale. Other parts will be more… secure.

Pretty much all there is to update right now, see you guys in the next one!

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Published 2017-03-11 01:19:26

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