Genevra Rose

Hi, I'm Gen! I'm a software engineer, and I create a vast array of varied projects. I'm highly experienced with C# (.NET, Razor Pages, Blazor), Unity3D (all facets), Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, JavaScript (including libraries like React.JS, Node.JS, some Vue.JS, and even jQuery), C++, HTML5+CSS3, The SQL Family (MySQL, TSQL, etc), PHP, Python, and Java. Playing around in Assembly and modding nostalgic games like Pokémon have allowed me to pick up small bits of other languages too. I'm quite agreeable and easy to work with, if that's why you're here! Shoot me a message if you're the slightest bit interested in talking. Otherwise, this is the go-to home for everything I'm currently working on. Thanks for visiting! 🌹

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Entropy - FPS Shooter Tech Demo

Experimental FPS engine built in Unity3D

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