Looking at the market week ahead.

The trading year is almost over, and most traders are looking ahead to the upcoming year. What does the rest of December hold? Here are some of the economical thoughts and the current stock watchlist of the companies or ETFs I’m keeping my eye on.

The Bloomberg Economic Dashboard reports the Global PMI every month or so, and it’s higher than last month. A number above 50 signals expansion. Before it was hovering around 48-49, and now it’s 50.3. The U.S. employment has risen 266,000 jobs, which is no small feat.

It seems to quell rising fears of an economic recession happening sooner rather than later.

The unemployment rate declined slightly again to match its previous low at around 3.6%.

This means it should be safe to invest in the last weeks of December, as it was a strong month.

Here’s our current watchlist:


We’re taking a look this week at stocks that are near their 52 week highs and have strong fundamental underlying metrics. Here are the charts and data on these stocks:

Right click on any of the above and click “View image” to see it full sized.

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