What’s with the dark themes?

Some people may have noticed the rising trend of dark themed applications and websites. This is not just your imagination. Dark themes are the latest design fad that regularly changes up every so often. Right now, flat, simple designs are in, as well as dark themes. macOS added dark theme to their entire OS, built in system apps included. Microsoft and many other vendors, including Android, and third-party applications implement dark modes into all their apps. There are extensions like “Night Reader” (search Google ya lazy bum) that specifically render websites in dark mode. My website is entirely dark themed. So you may ask yourself, what’s with the dark mode craze? I’ll be attempting to answer that today.

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Alpaca! Free, non comission trading platform

Trading stocks can be fun, but you know what’s more fun? Automated trading stocks! Or being able to build your own stock trading software. That’s pretty cool. Luckily, Alpaca (strange name, I know), has you covered. You can use their completely free, no commission trading service to build whatever you like using a simple REST API for placing orders. It’s quite astonishing that something of this professional caliber is even available for free, and I highly invite any developer interested in stocks to investigate it. Their paper trading API is very fun to mess around with.

And they didn’t pay me to write this review, imagine that.

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Google can track iOS users through fonts…

Oh, goodie. Google’s Crashyltics allow them to track crashes from the “Beta” version of the app through a font.

However, there is at least a prompt to install it.

One of the things iOS has always lacked is the ability to install custom fonts. Apple has delayed it, stating security concerns. Proving Apple’s point, Google-owned Crashlytics is abusing the feature to track users by installing a font with a custom identifier embedded. Because fonts are installed system-wide in order to be used across multiple apps, it could be possible for any app to use Crashlytics’s font to uniquely identify users, and piggy-back off the tracking without doing any workthemselves.

This sets up a host of security and privacy concerns and problems. The basic fact remains that something as innocuous as a font should not be used for fingerprinting users, because most consumers will not know a font should/could be used for that purpose.

Only time will tell how far other developers take this.

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New products added to merch store!


Not sure how many of you are aware, but I have a shop where I sell a bunch of different articles of clothing. Shop link here. I recently added a bunch of new products to it, and it’d be great if you could check them out. I’m constantly adding and improving every aspect of the shop and site, so let me know how it looks!

Thanks, I promise I’ll have some more content soon. Maybe how to hack into NASA’s databases or something.

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