What’s with the dark themes?

Some people may have noticed the rising trend of dark themed applications and websites. This is not just your imagination. Dark themes are the latest design fad that regularly changes up every so often. Right now, flat, simple designs are in, as well as dark themes. macOS added dark theme to their entire OS, built in system apps included. Microsoft and many other vendors, including Android, and third-party applications implement dark modes into all their apps. There are extensions like “Night Reader” (search Google ya lazy bum) that specifically render websites in dark mode. My website is entirely dark themed. So you may ask yourself, what’s with the dark mode craze? I’ll be attempting to answer that today.

Let me give you a quick rapid-fire list of reasons why we need an optional dark mode:

1. Choice is good.

2. It looks great.

3. Normal, white/blue light emitted from the screen keeps you awake (suppresses melatonin)

4. Google themselves confirmed that using dark mode on an OLED screen is a huge help for battery life. Dark mode interface in the YouTube app saves about 15% battery vs not using it on 50% screen brightness. If you use 100% screen brightness (the hell, are you on the sun or something?) then it saves a massive 60% of battery life

5. It’s easier for coder’s eyes in specific

Let me point this out just for myself real quick, I cannot code on a white background. I need to look at the code for hours and hours at a time, my eyeballs would sear if I continued staring at a white background. Here’s a comparison of dark mode vs light mode from one of my favorite script editors.

Dark theme of IDE






Light mode of IDE









Plus, dark mode on an OLED screen blends into the bezels(?) so well, it looks practically magical. I used to change my wallpaper all the time, but after getting an OLED screen, I can’t be bothered.

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