Google+ completely shut down. Here’s why.

Google+ has reached the end of its life and no one is saying goodbye. If this confuses you, it’s because you might not have heard that Google has decided to end the consumer version of Google+ in April (this month). Google+ is still open for most members of businesses, however.

Why did Google+ fail?

The main reason is because of a lack of users. Other social medias have different strategies behind engaging users, and they all have some sort of theme. Snapchat, videos and pictures disappear. Facebook, scroll through your feed of stuff your friends have shared or said. Instagram, scroll through your picture feed. Et cetera.

Other reasons include a confusing as hell name and data breaches. Seriously, who picked the name for the social media? Google+? I wasn’t even aware it was a social media until a year or so after its release simply because of the terrible name. What about that name tells you it’s a social media? Or a community at all, in fact? To me, Google+ sounds like a version of Google that you subscribe to for $4.99 a month and gets you perks.

Google had already planned to shut down the service however when there were a number of undisclosed security bugs that were revealed that allowed developers access to private consumer data. Google did not disclose them in the proper way as they should have, and instead kept it a secret. With the GDPR recently released, and Facebook being sued over numerous security scandals, Google decided it was best to ditch the whole thing all together.

If anything, this just shows how bad direction can kill an idea even if you have everything you need to make it work. Google has all the money, fame, and power that a company could ask for. If you can’t make a half-decent social media while also being worth 861.72 billion dollars, you’re doing it wrong.

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